To describe Peter Serrado to any music fan in its simplest terms would be to say that he is a fresh and soulful acoustic pop sound that’s been waiting to happen. With a unique voice that is drenched in a sweet raspy tone, from a subtle whisper to a scream, Peter’s expression is powerful yet intimate, wise yet playful, and evokes the scope of artists such as Bob Dylan, Tom Petty or Jeff Buckley. As a writer, he captures the essence of a sage-like soul, pinning reflective imagery with poignant lyrics against heart-felt emotions that grow out of melodies strewn across genres both past and present.


Born in Toronto, Canada, Peter gravitated to music and an early age, discovering a deep love of retro soul and funk, European crooners, Americana roots and R&B. With time, his passion grew and put him on a path to express his own musical interpretation of what he felt inside.


As his artistry has evolved, so has Peter. Now, embracing the many styles of music that came before him, Peter distills genres, reckoning what has led him here, with a sense of what is yet to be. Live performances have grounded him, affording opportunities to connect on a more intimate level with ever growing crowds that gravitate to his music, style, and of course, his look, which is a factor not lost on those who have seen him perform. Local festivals have come calling and now, with the release of his self-titled debut album, Peter is poised to bring his authentic and soulful message to a wider audience with a determination to prove the waiting is over, his time is now.